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  • Influence
    "Mr. Bean we are happy to invite you, to be part of our brand advocacy campaign."
    Amplify your reach through authorities.
    Capitalize connected consumer social capital.
    Promote one-one-many marketing.
  • Context
    "Mr. Morita your favourite artist music concert is happening in Bangalore tomorrow. Click here for event route map."
    "Recommend Mary, your close friend and fan of the same singer."
    Brands see consumers, how they want to see them.
  • Interest
    "Dear Oliver we recommend Adidas sports shoe, with 15% social discount."
    Re-define social commerce through personalization.
  • Intent
    Experience consumer emotions, expressions and endorse them by listening, thinking and engaging proactively.
    Sentiment is sharper through semantics.
    Improve sales leads, customer services and brand image.
  • Discover
    Noise to knowledge to grok with never imagined relevant results, from big fast and complex social data.
  • Discover
    Relevant results in a natural way.
    Understands casuals and think about brands and their products. Also learn, about their friends interests.
  • Analytics
    Comprehensive analysis against competitors brands and products.
  • Analytics
    Enlighten the engagement factor to help brands to empower social touch with consumers.
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